The Welcome episode…sort of

Welcome to the N The Zone blog…where I, your illustrious host blogger, Arlington “The A-Train” Lane will provide hopefully some intriguing words for you to agree with or disagree with and really have some fun with this. I did a sports blog briefly for a site called PrimeJock (SHOUTOUT TO JODY CLAY FOR THE OPPORTUNITY) but then I just left because I didn’t have the time to do it. But anyways, I am back. Plus I need to re-introduce myself…

The name came from a sports TV show I did for roughly a year on (SHOUTOUT TO PATRICK GALLAGHER) and that was fun. Had some guests, had a crew and it was all worth it (SHOUTOUT TO SOLOMON ALEXANDER AND SHAMEKA GREENE)! Since then I have been doing other things and it took away from my weekly show. I was upset but I had to make a dollar. I miss doing sports radio and on the screen. I miss hanging and sitting in with great radio personalities and producers. It’s good I got the opportunity to keep up with most of them and hopefully I will get to see them again in some shape, form or fashion. But in the mean time…I’ve wanted to do my own blog for quite some time. Mostly on and off for doing it. But now I’m devoting to it. Because I can get some things about sports and life off my chest and bring to you…my good people! I don’t think I would have done this again if it was not for my wonderful fiancee, Robyn. She’s doing one as well, I can’t wait to read some of them (when she posts them live). I thank her and love her dearly. But enough about that. It’s time for me to talk and write about sports…so tomorrow June 1st…GET READY!!

One last thing, I love doing shoutouts and I may do them often…but shoutout to my good buddy Coach Jarrod Rogol, now the new head coach of the Ultimate Indoor Football League’s new expansion team, the Missouri Monsters. Their season kicks off in March of 2013. One more, to owner Khalia Collier of the St. Louis Surge women’s professional basketball team, getting ready for the 2nd home game of the season on June 2nd!!

That’s it. It’s official June 1st…THE A-TRAIN TAKES YOU “N THE ZONE!” Coming up tomorrow…Pujols vs. Beltran!


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