Give The NHL Some Freakin’ Respect

Despite contractual media requirements for our friends at ESPN who cater their delivery of SportsCenter to the NBA,NFL, and MLB notably because they air these sports on theirs or sister networks. The NHL needs a bit of a spotlight, yes the NHL is understandably more appealing to the Canadian market however looking at this year’s intriguing Stanley Cup final between the two largest markets in all of the USA (L.A. Versus N.Y./NJ Mega metro area).

So what’s not to like about the match-up. No, it is not a David and Goliath matchup but a truly big market(s), big showcase event that (oh yeah) includes The Stanley Cup. The Stanley Cup is the oldest trophy competed for by professional athletes in North America. So what does that tell you, GIVE THE NHL THEIR FREAKIN’ RESPECT!

Here in the STL, KMOX (aka our CBS radio affiliate) will always talk about our beloved (St. Louis) Cardinals as they should but still should be talking some more hockey or Stanley Cup. I mean the (St. Louis) Blues had a really awesome season, it was a shame though that the Blues didn’t have a chance against the Western Conference champs, and a reason that the Kings are in the Finals is because they had to go through STL to get there. But KMOX with their baseball obsession and ESPN with them obviously putting hockey inside a little box is a darn shame. Show some support for the league and this team showing known as the L.A. Kings with “The Great One” dropping the opening face-off last night some respect. FACT: Kings are the 1st Team in NHL History to Go 3 games to NONE (aka 3-0) in Every Round of the playoffs, that’s four grueling rounds that they had to do this. WHERE’S THE RESPECT? Oh yeah it’s a shame nobody in this town knows much about the Stanley Cup happenings this year. Ok, the Blues were beaten. SO WHAT! This town is great when it comes to hockey fans and its coverage. This year it’s not happening. They are clearly dropping the ball for this one. I wish hockey fans in St. Louis felt the same way I felt about this. Even though this isn’t as a great series as it is. It’s a great story for the Los Angeles Kings and I think that the many media outlets outside of L.A. and NY/NJ should still cover that.

Thanks to my man Tom for some factual credit in this article.

Bryan K.

Hockey Fan

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The A-Train

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