Boston’s Big 3 vs. Miami’s Big 3

So I’m up this morning and I see an intriguing video piece from a friend on Facebook and it showed the differences between the introductions of the Celtics Big 3 and the Heat’s Big 3. It’s a huge difference…It’s pretty much old school vs. the new school. It’s basically the 1990s vs the early 2000s. That’s hard to believe but it’s the truth. No pun intended for Paul Pierce. Only thing I need to see is the real press conference of the Heat. Don’t get me wrong this video speaks volumes between the two franchises. Meaning mostly LeBron’s comments about the title run for the Heat. So far, LeBron is 0-2 in the NBA Finals. But…these franchises are headed in different directions.  I understand that this is season 2 for Miami, and Boston is in season 5 which means that one franchise is going up and the other is falling from grace fast. So far (as of this post and date) Boston is ahead in titles between Big 3s, 1-0. Will that stand? After Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals…you will get your answer. So what’s the real difference? Penny for YOUR thoughts.

The A-Train

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The A-Train

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