Evgeni Malkin Deserves the Crosby Payday


The Penguins and Sidney Crosby are finalizing a contract worth $104.4 million over 12 years. Being only a handful of years removed from bankruptcy, The Pittsburgh Penguins probably can’t afford any type of extension to give Evgeni Malkin some Sydney Crosby-like contract money. The Penguins, a few years off of winning and losing a Stanley cup in back-to-back seasons should have a slight a boost in profitability and sales that could put a dent in helping pay for Sidney Crosby’s and perhaps Malkin’s deserved money. Crosby, who has played only 30 games, including playoffs, since the beginning of 2011 better get healthy to be deserving of this contract.The 26- year old Russian compiled a 109-point season along with steady leadership which was even more impressive considering all the Penguins’ injuries and Crosby missing all but 22 regular season games.

Malkin had a career-high 50 goals and 59 assists while taking the brunt of the offensive load for the Penguins during the elongated injury and absence of Crosby. Malkin was the NHL’s only 100-point scoring player this season and the first scoring champ in a decade to win a second title despite being practically every opponent’s top defensive target whenever they faced Pittsburgh. Malkin also did a coming of age of sorts and into a more prominent role outside of Sidney Crosby’s shadow in this last season.

Although Crosby is the face of the franchise and the league for that matter Malkin is really the true leader of this hockey league and not just as of late but as of the last two seasons. PAY the mighty Russian man! Or at least delegate some of the cold hard cash from other injured players and into Malkins golden hockey hands.


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