A Few Questions…with Coach Jarrod Rogol

It’s been a while since posting but since I’m back at it…I’ll start a series called “A Few Questions”…and first up is Coach Jarrod Rogol, the head coach and director of football operations for the new St. Louis’ indoor football team, the Missouri Monsters.

A-TRAIN: How are you today Jarrod?

JR:  I’m blessed.  Today was a busy day of coaching high school football and meetings for Monsters football.

A-TRAIN: Other than this new gig, what is going on in the world of Coach Rogol?

JR:  I am currently the president of One Dream Zero Distraction Entertainment, which represents MMA fighters, entertainers, models and actors.  I also serve as the company’s vice president of talent relations. Besides that, I’m the special teams coordinator for Lutheran South High School here in St. Louis.

A-TRAIN: What does the UIFL represent?

JR:  UIFL is a league that cares about allowing the players the opportunity to move forward in their careers and a league that provides fun quality family entertainment.

A-TRAIN: Where did the name Missouri Monsters come from?

JR:  “Monsters” was carried over from a previous team in UIFL.

A-TRAIN: When and where will the Monsters play next season?

JR:  Our regular season should run from March through June, with playoffs ending in July.  All of our home games will be played at Family Arena, which is located at 2002 Arena Parkway, St. Charles, MO 63303.

A-TRAIN: From my research…it looks like you’ve had indoor football experience…what have you taken from those past experiences and will implement with the Monsters?

JR:  There are four key items.  First, listen, listen, listen.  Listen to the fans, players, coaching staff and use what they tell you to improve the product.  Second, remember it’s not about YOU.  It’s about how you impact the lives of your fans, players and staff.  Third, always be honest with the players.  There is nothing worse than a coach that guarantees players the world and then deliverers some or nothing.  Fourth, be true to who you are and don’t ever let the game change you — make sure you change the game.

A-TRAIN: When they (Board of Directors) named you head coach and DFO of this expansion team, what was your reaction to the event?

JR:  Above all, I was humbled by the opportunity.  Having coached around the country has been great but there is something about getting that opportunity to run out under the lights in front of your hometown that cannot be explained.  My initial thought was I want this to be a team that truly represents what our community is about both on the field and off.

A-TRAIN: How difficult is it to lead, not only a professional football team but a BRAND NEW professional football team?

JR:  Honestly, it is not difficult.  For me, finding the best support staff has been the key up to this point, along with having open lines of communication with management to ensure that everything runs smooth.  On the player personnel side, guys really like the fact that everyone is on an even playing field since it’s an expansion team, which has made it easier to recruit.

A-TRAIN: If you were not coaching, what would Jarrod Rogol be doing?

JR:  Since our season mirrors the college lacrosse season, I’d be watching all I could of Duke Lacrosse.  Coach Danowski is a great leader and always gets the most out of his players.

A-TRAIN: If you could have one superstar athlete (football player or different sport athlete) on your team, who would it be?

JR:  Herschel Walker, because he always represented what I believe are the three ways you win in sports (playing Smarter, Tougher & Harder for longer than your opponent).

A-TRAIN: Before you go…anything you want to add for your new Monster fans?

JR: First of all, thanks for taking the time to read this interview and we look forward to seeing all of you at our games.  Second, if anyone ever has any suggestions or comments on what they want to see–  from community events we should do to game entertainment — please E-mail me at coachrogol@uiflmonsters.com.   Lastly, on August 4, starting at 10A.M. at Family Arena in St. Charles, we will have a fan open house and you will be able to look at seat locations for season tickets, watch the prospects work out, and interact with our coaching staff.  We will also be having our open player tryouts which start at 9A.M. with check-in and same day registration.  Information for both can be found at http://uiflmonsters.com and the tryout registration form is on http://uiflfootball.com/tryout-sign-up.

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