Houston, We Have A Problem!


The Astros have been the biggest sellers of trading off older and contract challenged players in 2012. The Astros have good depth of young upcoming player prospects in multiple positions from their farm system minor leagues.

Yes, their coming off the franchise worst record last season, a dismal 56-106 record in 2011, but consider this for you baseball purists. The Astros are 1 of 6 teams that have won the National league Central 4 times as champs, 2nd best behind the 8-time champ St.Louis Cardinals. Yes, the good ol’ days of the Killer B’s of Biggio, Bagwell, Berkman, and Bell are gone. Furthermore, the even older good years of playing on my buddy Mike’s Nintendo – RBI Baseball video game with infamous players like Mike Scott, Nolan Ryan, Glenn Davis, and Kevin Bass are decades done. These “almost Astros” of near dynasties are down the drain if the name Astros is permanently removed in 2013.

Yes, you heard right.

The Astros are considering changing not only the uniforms no biggie right, but changing the team name. Why?? Isn’t it enough that the more than 2 decades and counting rivalry is over in the NL Central when Bud Selig (an awesome Commish BTW he really is good I’ve had him reply to my written letter before BTW) would insist the new owner move the team to the American League as a condition of the sale. However why would the NL Central and same overcrowded division team like the Milwaukee Brewers not just move back to the American League?

Well Selig isn’t really elaborating into why, but we do know Selig’s’ family owns the Brewers and his main reason for moving the Astros to the American league is because the AL West Division is short one team and needs to even out the divisions league wide. The Astros announcers, Jim Deshaies and Bill Brown are very witty, have great voices, humorous stories, and a compelling draw about them during the TV broadcasts nightly. As a Cardinal Fan from St.Louis’ I will miss watching pertinent NL games with them airing on MLB Extra innings.

One of Baseball’s most compelling traits is the purity of its past which ties into familiarity of those team uniforms we’ve grown up to expect every season. If the Astros are no more much the same way as the Expos exit from Canada’s second team, will we twinge or have fond memories when we hear the defunct team name again as an announcer mentions the team? Probably, but where is the continuity when Houston will be one of the first professional sports franchise to have the exact same team in place but name it something different three times over the course of 50 years. Do the math, John Grotts (John is my buddy from StL who moved to Houston) always was a whiz kid, but anyways the math says the Astros are on pace to re-name the same team a new name about every 16 season’s if they do indeed give the Houston team a new one in 2013. (Houston Colt 45’s, Houston Astros, 2013 new-name?). Astros new owner Jim Crane said in January the team will conduct a study to decide whether or not to switch the name. “We’re going to study the information both from the fans and from all sorts of marketing people,” Crane said. “I’m not saying we’re going to change. We haven’t made the decision yet whether we’re going to change.”

When the Houston Oilers left the Astrodome for Tennessee there was good reason to rename the team since Tennessee is not known for oil. (Hence the name Tennessee Titans). What good reason does this team have to rename and move to the American league? And don’t tell me it’s because Space town Houston has a fan base that has lost interest in Astro-nauts because NASA has next to nothing left in funding for the Space program due to no more American dollars to fund it.

Houston we have a HUGE problem!

-Written by Bryan Kreutz

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