Where Are The Black Players and Fans…Especially in St. Louis?

Usually I write my own blogs, but this recent story (LINK BELOW) by Jesse Bogan of the St. Louis Post Dispatch has me wondering…”Where are the black players and the fans?” Now I know some fans that are black plus I know some players that are black such as Matt Kemp of the Los Angeles Dodgers, Andrew McCutchen of the Pittsburgh Pirates, who just happened to be stars. In the article, it mentions why there is NOT a player that my hometown team can relate with in the black community. I won’t give it away and just want to basically here from you about it. Check out the article then comment below on this post.



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The A-Train

I love watching and talking about sports. I am a fan, not an expert. I'll give my point of view. You can like it, hate it, agree or disagree with it. That's why I discuss it.

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