I haven’t been on here in a while and that’s because of transition…but HERE I AM…AND I FEEL LIKE RANTING!

HERE WE GO! (Everything coming out are my thoughts at this very moment)

  1. I hope the Baltimore Orioles win the AL East. I can’t stand the Yankees. Time for an underdog like the St. Louis Cardinals did in 2011.
  2. Speaking of the Cardinals, I’m about to throw up my hands and give up on them. Last time I did that, they won the World Series last year. Hoping for deja vu. *Fingers crossed*
  3. FOOTBALL IS BACK! If the St. Louis Rams can win at least 6 games…I’ll be satisfied. SMH…at least I can defend my Fantasy Football crown on
  4. Happy to see that the New Orleans Saints are back on the field again…at least for Week 1.
  5. Call me crazy but The Big Phat Sports Show is a great local sports radio show to listen to. Shoutout to Dave Greene, Sara Bruce and Jay Randolph, Jr. I like something of everything, not just sports.
  6. Madden 13 is one of the best sports video games ever made. PEOPLE STOP HATING ON THE FACT THAT THERE IS NO FRANCHISE OR SUPERSTAR MODE. If you play the game, you will know that it’s BETTER than before. Plus, if you are looking for a good challenge. This is not your daddy’s Madden. Just saying.
  7. Savannah State’s athletic director, Sterling Steward, Jr. is a very smart man. Despite getting killed by OK State, 84-0, he set up another game against Florida State where the line is reported (as of this post) at -70. Great way to pimp big-time schools, grab some cash and get your butts kicked. If you are a betting man. You will take Savannah State on the points. I expect a “better” game of sorts for them. GOOD LUCK.
  8. Mizzou is officially welcomed into the SEC with their game against Georgia in Columbia. Hearing local sports talk radio say that Georgia is going to win shows that people from the home state are actually being real. Don’t get me wrong, as fans they (including me) want Mizzou to win, but this is one game that will probably shape how well this football team will do in the SEC. Good luck to them.
  9. I still can’t stand the Miami Heat! That’s all for that one.
  10. I once had an idea who would be the National League Most Valuable Player. Now I throw my hands up in disgust. It’s too tight to figure out at this moment.
  11. Shoutout to Walt Jocketty and the Cincinnati Reds (YES I SAID IT) for finding the right players to put together a championship-caliber team. I’m impressed on how well that they have used their farm system…especially fielding the NL Rookie Of The Year in Todd Frazier. They have an awesome lineup, starting staff and a ridiculous bullpen. If this team doesn’t get to the World Series in October, Dusty Baker should be fired. *Kanye shrug*
  12. Condolences to Art Modell and his family. While Modell was one of the driving force behind the Baltimore Ravens and help building a championship…he’ll be forever remembered by fans (especially in Cleveland) as the man who moved the Browns to Baltimore. That’s a crying shame.

Well…that’s enough for me ranting. I’ll be back with another rant soon. Don’t miss them. They will be fun. I promise.


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The A-Train

I love watching and talking about sports. I am a fan, not an expert. I'll give my point of view. You can like it, hate it, agree or disagree with it. That's why I discuss it.

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