Can Federer Make The ATP World Tour Finals??

OK so it’s not a grand slam tennis event and it is in London this year but should it be in South Africa. A country that is beautiful, adventurous, and has its racial and status segregation issues from what a friend tells me.  London already has Wimbledon, why not spread the World Tour back around the world! Anyways, let’s break this Roger Federer and David Ferrer final down. As the Beastie Boys’ say “Let the beat umm drop”. A low heartbeat publicity event here in the states by no means should make this worldwide rather upbeat awesome year end tennis event un-talked about.

Federer is coming off a disappointing early exit from the U.S. Open looks to get his indoor game back. Ferrer covers so much ground side to side. But what’s even more impressive is how he does this as such a short athlete. The Spaniard tennis great has taken the country of Spain by storm especially after his fellow countryman Rafael Nadal went down with an injury earlier in the year missing two grand slams. David Ferrer pronounced in English “Day Veeed”  has a chance to lose 14 times in a row, but this should make for a very brilliant match. However, this round-robin event is not a single elimination, and will be a lot of fun to see the players continue on even after a loss and how they handle the adversity on the court.

If Federer defeats Ferrer, he will become the first player to book his place in the last four Barclays ATP World Tour Finals. Federer defeated Tsonga in last year’s ATP World Tour Finals 2011 Final and should have no problem recovering from his multiple finals “babelaas babbelas” or  hangovers from English championships .

Written by Bryan Kreutz

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