Prayers For Sandy Hook/Newton

Connecticut School Shooting


Even though I have not posted in a long while…I am personally saddened by this tragedy that occurred in Newton, Connecticut. My thoughts and prayers go out to the educators’ and the children’s families. It breaks  my heart to see and hear about innocent children dying. What has this country…No no…what has this WORLD GONE TO? This is a violent world and I’ll step out of my sports scene if I had to…it’s no one but the devil himself slowly trying to destroy our world that the good Lord created. Now I won’t get into religious talk, but I what I will ask is for those to put your thoughts and prayers to their families. Hearing about the Aurora shooting, the Columbine shooting from years ago, and others…makes me wonder: What can we do to change this? My fiancee is an educator and the last thing I need to hear or see is that she was taken out by an idiot shooter. IT’S THE LAST THING! I love her and would be so devastated without her. We need to get back to loving!!! Meanwhile, I pray for the two gunmen and their families…yeah one died and they were idiots but they still need prayer and they still need love. You probably won’t feel the same way I feel but they need it too. I PROMISE YOU!

The A-Train aka The Angry Redbird

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