The Three Days Of Awesome

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Happy New Year to you all. If you hadn’t caught the last three days in sports…WHERE IN THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN HIDING?

It’s the “Three Days of Awesome” rant:

  1. No more BCS. Thank God.
  2. The final BCS national championship game had the best ending since Texas-USC in 2005. I hated USC ever since. So glad they aren’t winning like they used to.
  3. Auburn losing is retribution for Mizzou. Great effort but they failed like Kansas City. Speaking of KC…
  4. Great job hiring Andy Reid, Kansas City. He’ll never win a Super Bowl with KC. Don’t believe me, look at his resume with Philly.
  5. Andrew Luck has got crazy confidence. I actually thought he couldn’t make the comeback. Thanks for my near heart attack.
  6. New Orleans finally got over the hump and got a playoff road win. Damn shame because the Rams beat the Saints and the Colts.
  7. Shame for Marvin Lewis…best coach in Cincinnati history and still can’t find his first playoff win.  If he gets fired, I won’t be surprised.
  8. The Cotton Bowl had Big 12 written all over it.
  9. Ric Flair must have really whipped the Niners into shape or Jarrett Bush really sucks as a football player. I dislike the Niners but after that, I see why the Packers defense was so bad.
  10. Mizzou’s 2013 team reminds me of the 2007 team…only difference was that this Mizzou team had a better defense.
  11. Clemson and Ohio State equally had enough offense and enough drama for every fan.
  12. A.J. McCarron’s mom needs to shut up. Get over it, your boy’s team got beat and yet you had to watch the national championship because of Katherine Webb’s alma mater.
  13. Somehow it was easy to figure that people would not take too well that a black man would be the head coach at University of Texas-Austin. That’s why boosters and others that donate should NOT have any power. Texas will mess around and do Charlie Strong like how Notre Dame did with Tyrone Willingham, Mississippi State with Sylvester Crooms, and even Kansas with Turner Gill. Racism is still in sports, folks. This needed to be said.

Other than that, the last 3 days were still awesome. More to come soon and Happy New Year.

The A-Train

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The A-Train

I love watching and talking about sports. I am a fan, not an expert. I'll give my point of view. You can like it, hate it, agree or disagree with it. That's why I discuss it.

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