Monday’s Missile: Los Angles Rams Not Worthy of St. Louis’ Support

DemoffRams(St. Louis, MO)


The Los Angeles Rams organization is not worthy of any support from former Rams fans from St. Louis. Sorry, but they’re not.

On the way out of town — in case you forgot or missed it — the Rams ripped the region and ran roughshod over the city’s fans in their official relocation application.

In presenting their case to move to the nation’s second largest market, Rams owner Stan Kroenke and Chief Operating Offender Kevin Demoff painted a portrait of St. Louis that might make one believe the Gateway City had fallen into complete ruin and was akin to a looted and abandoned metro within a third world nation.

Not only did the Rams rip the region in their relocation proposal, but the franchise had the audacity and shamelessness to trash, smear and curb stomp a fan base that more than adequately supported a club that produced just four winning seasons in 21 years, no winning records since 2003, the worst five year record in NFL history and zero playoff appearances since 2004. To add insult to injury, the owner couldn’t bother communicating with his customer/corporate base as he plotted and planned to abandon the city and the franchise’s faithful.

In addition, the timeline detailed in the above-linked relocation application made it crystal clear that the organization lied for several years about having a desire to stay in St. Louis, as did a call from Kroenke to Demoff about Inglewood that occurred in the summer of 2013. It was in 2014, after all, that Demoff told 101ESPN’s Randy Karraker that “I promise you Stan is looking at lots of pieces of land around the world right now and none of them are for football stadiums” and how he expected the Rams future to be “…right here in St. Louis. I don’t see any reason that that can’t be so.”

I don’t know about y’all, but I’m not big on backing people you talk $&*# on my family or my friends. I’m not much on continuing to buy gifts for a girl who left me and lied on me on the way out. How about you? By the same token, I’m not much on repping a Rams franchise who intentionally and systematically beat the brakes off of a region full of people who I care about. I guess that’s part of the problem one has when they aren’t a pushover and have some pride in their their city, their fellow citizens and their self.

That said, apparently some folks are cool with getting kicked around and lied on. These are the people in the region who are still drooling over a franchise that talked ish on them and beat on them like their name was Ronda Rousey. Some of these people remind me of the dogs who get beat by their owner but continue to wag their tails with loyalty nonetheless.

In the end, however, it is obviously not up to me to decide whether anyone else does or does not continue to support the Rams. I know I won’t. I know I can’t. I know it’s not an option for me. On the other hand, we are all distinct, unique human beings, and thus, we all see things from different perspectives and come to different conclusions on different issues. So, I understand that there are those who are handling this differently than I am. I certainly won’t pretend to understand it, just as they may not understand or relate to some of my thoughts shared above.

In closing, let me make one thing clear for those who think they can somehow support the Rams without supporting Kroenke:

IF you support the Rams going forward, you are– intentionally or not — absolutely supporting Kroenke by default. If you support his product, you are supporting him. There is absolutely no way around this, regardless of how one wants to attempt to justify or twist it in their mind.

If I say I don’t support Wal-Mart and hate what it stands for, for example, but I own Wal-Mart stock and want Wal-Mart stock to perform well, then I’m supporting Wal-Mart and I clearly don’t really hate the worldwide conglomerate. If I say I hate Wal-Mart, but I still buy products there, then I support Wal-Mart. Period.

In short, one can say they dislike Kroenke all they want and talk tough about how they don’t support Kroenke, but if you continue to cheer for his team and/or buy his team’s jerseys, for example, you are — like it or not — cheering for and supporting him.

There is no middle ground. If you want to support the Rams, then support the Rams. But in doing so, YOU ARE undeniably supporting the Rams owner, too, and there is absolutely no way around that fact.

The choice is yours.

Thanks for reading…

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14 thoughts on “Monday’s Missile: Los Angles Rams Not Worthy of St. Louis’ Support”

  1. Spot on, Shane! Agree 100%. It’s the deceit by the entire Rams management and NFL corporate that irks me the most. I’m pulling for the team to have a complete meltdown, go 0-8 and see Snisher get the ax.

  2. Interesting that Shane picked the above picture and quote. Because technically the quote is 100% accurate! The quote is “looking” as in the current and future. It did not say the past. Kroenke was not looking for land to put a stadium in 2014 or 2015 because he already bought the land in 2013!

    1. Stupid comments you should be happy the Rams are moving to beautiful new stadium and that the Ram,s are home . I take it you only became fan when team moved to St luis. Therfore your not truly a Ram’s fan

  3. Good then, with the way the st louis ownership treated former la rams greats, shows it was never about the Rams, it was just about having the game in your town. Would welcome your support, but don’t need your support…

    1. This is a revolving door.When the Rams were taken from us it left a vacuum there were a few clubs and restaurants and occasionally a park gathering but nothing permanent. We were foolish to think management would take care of our legends after the way they treated them when they were playing here. The door is revolving again its your turn.

  4. Shane could have written the exact same column in 1995 replacing the name Stan with the name Georgia. She spoke about moving the team for years before she did it, years when they were still winning. Mention was made of rumors in print of the plans to move, known by season ticket holders years before it finally happened. Attendance accordingly plummeted, during which period she sold off the best pieces of the team, never replaced them with quality and moved them to her home town as planned. The accounts when it fianlly came down was of long-dispirited fans accepting the reality of what they heard for a long time before she did it. The years of losing in St Louis didn’t start when Stan got control of the team in 2010, and no plan to move them even started before 2013. The big difference is there was no internet scrutiny of Georgia, 1990-1995. Had there been, i’m sure the good maligned people of St Louis would have been outraged and blocked the move of a Southern California institution to their shiny new stadium they built to land an NFL team. Which Georgia did not learn of in 1994, or 1992, but in the late ’80s. Her plan to relocate began YEARS before Stan’s started. The horrible years with the terrible win percentage also occurred mostly under Georgia. So she screwed both St Louis and Los Angeles. There’s the much bigger villain in the story. But just as LA loves Stan, St Loo refuses to see her actions as steward of the team as the evil foundation of both relocations. Inasmuch as that doesn’t matter to St Louis, neither does the complaint now. From the LA POV, the return to LA is was a wrong righted.

  5. Man, you need to get some help. Find a new subject to blog about. Really, no one cares what you have to say about the Rams.

  6. As a fan of the Los Angeles Rams, I don’t care about the fans in St Louis. Go cheer for the AZ Cardinals, your real team.

  7. Stupid comments you should be happy the Rams are moving to beautiful new stadium and that the Ram,s are home . I take it you only became fan when team moved to St luis. Therfore your not truly a Ram’s fan

  8. Had social media and the new “relocation rules” been in existence in ’95, Georgia would’ve equally obliterated Anaheim–she did the best she could though. I mean, this woman inherits the team from her deceased husband, then immediately fires her dead husband’s son who was being groomed for ownership and assumes control of the team, and then decides to move the team to St. Louis (something we all know her dead husband would’ve never wanted to have happen). This is the kind of story, I would think, that Shane would find appalling. Where was all that integrity talk back then?? You may recall, Shane, that back in 95, the NFL owners initially voted to block the move to StL ( on principle, integrity, history, blah blah blah) and only acquiesced when she threatened to sue. But I guess it’s never an issue when you’re getting what you want–and clearly never an issue for you. So I’m sorry Shane that you got your feelings hurt during this whole entire process. LA fans can relate. It was never personal, but sometimes you have to say things that you don’t mean just so you can get what you want. In any case, you clearly weren’t a Rams fan before they came to St. Louis, so no one expects you to be a Rams fan after they leave–but we still invite you and everyone else in the great state of Missouri to stick around. You’re always welcome in LA, just as some of you welcomed us LA fans in St. Louis. Thanks for reading.

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