The Wellness Wheel – February Episodes

300x300_11852822Check out @NTZNetwork’s show, “The Wellness Wheel,” with Dr. Eboni January, OB-GYN and registered nurse Sheila Cunningham and their recent episodes. 

The ladies of the Wellness Wheel welcome entrepreneurs Lil Chef DJ and Christopher “King Yella” Hawkins. Lil Chef DJ is 7 years old! 7 years old! He is a chef, entrepreneur and rapper and talks about eating right and being healthy at a young age. Also, Christopher “King Yella” Hawkins joins the show to talk about being in photography and taking high class pictures with the best African-American entertainers.

Wellness Wheel: Lil Chef DJ and King Yella 02-15-17 (taped 2/9/17)

On this new edition of The Wellness Wheel, the ladies talk relationships and spiritual wellness with author Rainie Howard. In addition, the ladies talk with Dr. Edgar Everett and Dr. Xaivier Tipler from Proficient Chiropractic.

Wellness Wheel: Rainie Howard, Dr. Edgar Everett and Dr. Xaivier Tipler 02-18-17


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