The A-Train Show PREVIEW 02-06-19

Check out this sneak preview of “The A-Train Show,” with A-Train’s guests Asim Raza (@asraza) from the St. Louis Civic Pride organization and from N The Zone, Palmer Alexander, III (@thelegendkil).

The A-Train kicks off the PREVIEW show with an introduction of what the show will pertain to, announces the guests and give some his Super Bowl thoughts.

The A-Train Show PREVIEW – Introduction

In this 1st segment, Raza joins the A-Train to give his thoughts on what St. Louis Civic Pride means.

The A-Train Show PREVIEW – Asim Raza Segment 1

In this 2nd segment, Raza continues on what the new Better Together STL would mean for St. Louis city and county.

The A-Train Show PREVIEW – Asim Raza Segment 2

In this final segment, the A-Train, along with Raza and Alexander converse on race, business and more along with how impactful the Board of Aldermen President race truly is.

The A-Train Show PREVIEW – Asim Raza & Palmer Alexander

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