(Full Interview) Chatting with Big Fell

By William Freeman

WF: What inspired you to create this song?

BF: Basically I wanted to relate this song to all the white kids, all the black kids, all the Hispanic kids, and all the races can jump to. If you from Saint Louis, you can rock to this song, you know what I’m saying? So that was my whole aspect of it from the jump, you know. I want everybody to be able to relate to the song.

WF: Who are your musical inspirations?

BF: Oh man my music inspirations growing up was a rapper name Brad Jordan also known as Scarface was part of a group known as the Geto Boys. He also broke out on his own and did his own thing. That’s the person that made me want to rap as a kid. And we all know, Tupac Shakur, we all knew Tupac. He was one of my big influences and rappers like Big Daddy Kane, 8-Ball, MJG, and just all the ones that little bit before my time is the ones I kind of look up to. And once they got me really inspired to do what I’m doing right now.

WF: Who are your sports inspiration? Like what athletes inspired you. It doesn’t have to be Saint Louis, but like who are your sports icons when you were growing up?

BF: Oh man, growing up my greatest football player to me was Walter Payton. The second greatest running back to me was Marshal Faulk. That ain’t just because he’s from Saint Louis, but that just simply cuz I watched him from San Diego State all the way up to what he became to know that he is legit like that. People like Reggie White, Dan Marino, and Joe Montana. I hated the 49ers because they won all the time, but I had to respect greatness . Jerry Rice, Warren Moon, and I could name more and I could go on and on.

WF: Were you involved with sports yourself?

BF: Yes I was. I played high school football growing up. I was a fullback and I did my thing. I had a pretty good career, but I had like any other person who’s from the neighborhood. I didn’t have good leadership. So I did the wrong things and kind of lost my scholarship. I had a scholarship to UCLA. I had all the top-notch colleges recruit me, but I made the wrong choices. You know what I’m saying. So it is what it is.

WF: What do you think of football coming back to Saint Louis with the return of the XFL in 2023?

BF: Man I love the fact that we got XFL football come back. I feel like if we can get the XFL here. Why the hell we can’t have NFL back here? I’m talking about we straight as a city who went to two Super Bowls in this city man So I feel like we should have XFL, USFL, and NFL here. Real talk.

WF: Yeah football is becoming year-round now. Especially with having a previous interview I had with Isaac Bruce at his camp in June, and he’s enjoying that too. And also agrees that football should be in St. Louis.

BF: Man, how can a city not have a team when we went to two Super Bowls and don’t have a team at all? So, you mean to tell me St. Louis can’t support. No, stop it. That Dome was filled up every week when I was looking at the Rams growing up man. Stop it. Don’t tell me that St. Louis won’t. If you put out a good product out St.. Louis. Missouri will come out and support it man. No faking.

WF: Yeah, and they’re now there’s a chance in April of 2023 that St. Louis will have not only the Cardinals playing the blues st. Louis City SC and XFL within days of each other. What do you think about that?

BF: That’s beautiful. That’s bringing economy. I call it we bring it in economy to be able to make St. Louis grow, make it safer and better man. That’s what this is all about. We making the city grow, making it better, and making it for what people can come out of town for tourism and be safe. And don’t have to worry about all the bull crap that’s going on in St. Louis right now. Our city would be big all around the world because we have that we have that main attraction. That arch means everything man. That’s our city real talk. So I’m talking about, we got all this going on, there should be no reason why the city of St. Louis shouldn’t be growing and infrastructure fixing up the city streets and doing stuff that it needs to keep it looking good. So you know what I’m saying? Especially riding down 70 Highway and I’m seeing trash all over the side of the highway. That’s a turn off to somebody that’s coming from out of town and coming through our city man. You understand what I’m saying? Real talk so long minute so much stuff going on to where they need to put the money back into the city to make the city look decent. And have people saying good things about our cities, they always saying something bad. You know what I’m saying.

WF: I do and would it be nice in a few years if there ever is a part two of this song. Would it be nice to add NBA and WNBA to that song?

BF: Man wouldn’t it. Come on we had the St. Louis Hawks. A lot of people don’t even know St. Louis has an NBA championship here. Bill Russell he just died. We drafted him. So we have tradition here with with basketball we have tradition with everything man. So I don’t understand what’s the holdup if we get an NBA team. I don’t care if you get us a WNBA team people going to go out there and support it since St. Louis actually is a basketball city.

WF: To you not only the City of St. Louis, but the region as well?

BF: It means everything to me as a whole, as St. Louis, because I’m from A itty bitty city named Kinloch, Missouri. Which is the first ever black city in the state of Missouri. That’s where I’m from Kinloch, Missouri. So when I talk about Saint Louis man. I’m representing not only Saint Louis. I’m representing for my city, that’s the first all black city in the state of Missouri. So I have them definitely to look up to and I have St. Louis as a whole. Cause I could just be representing my city from where I’m from, but Kinloch is a city within St. Louis. So I just can’t do that. Have to rip the whole St. Louis region because I love the whole St. Louis right there. So, I am very blessed to be able to say that I come from. So yeah, this region means everything to me, man. If I hear somebody talking bad about it. I might have to fight them. You know what I’m saying.

WF: I want ask you about your experience within the music industry cause it’s kind of change a little bit. Now with all the digital media nowadays the t best way now is actually should be self-promoting yourself rather than going through a publisher or anything like that. To pay people then to actually publish you. Because it’s not like how it was back in the eighties and nineties And I could remember from the MC Hammer biopic that before he got big he was selling everything from shirts and records from the back of his car before he got big

BF: Will you listen to me. When I listen to me, when I say this, man, when it comes to that if MC Hammer can do it all over again he would. MC Hammer thought he actually could take care of everybody in his Entourage. And you know, when you take care of everybody they don’t have your best interest in hand. And once again you got all these studios. Those studios that cost money. Cost lots of money. Then you gotta think about the videos. Then you got to think about the beats you gotta come up with. Then you got to think about all the tourism. That’s what the record company does for a MC Hammer as an artist. You know what I’m saying? But a lot of people in the world failed to realize once them record companies pulls back from these artists. Those artists have to come out of their own pocket and pay for everything that the record company was already paying for. I don’t care how rich you is. You could be Nelly, you could be Chingy. If you have to buy a beat that’s costing $500,000, $50,000, or $100,000 coming out your pocket with songs and a whole album cost and a whole album is 12 to 15 songs You do the math on that Will. Even Nelly don’t want to come off that type of money to make an album. That’s why you don’t hear from these rappers making new music. That’s why they continue to go and keep touring and doing the old music there is. Because man, if you can’t do everything yourself man, you’re going to be very hard. You’re going to get lost in this game. Because it’s all about having money. Money runs everything. So as an artist, if you don’t have no money and inspiring to be a rapper, a rock and roll star, or a country singer. Please believe me, you got to have money, or you got to have somebody that’s in that position. They can put you in a position without you having money. So it’s a blessing and a curse. You got to work hard at anything, you do anyway, so it doesn’t matter. Me myself I’m very blessed. I make everything man. I make my own beats. I write all my own music. I shoot all my own videos. It’s nothing I don’t do. So I’m a very blessed guy that’s that’s putting in a position that I’m I’m trying to teach people that you don’t need to sign your life away to these record companies to make you a better life. If you wired hard enough and distribute, build up your own audience, you distribute to them, you might can go a long way in life. Man because it’s better to be able to do for yourself than having to have somebody tell me well Big Fell you got to be up there with Will at 9:00 in the morning and I need you there because you know you under contract and you own me this money. I don’t want to live like that Will so I love being able to teach when I’m doing my radio show. So I tell everybody to be independent man. It’s the best thing in the world man. Real talk.

WF: Where can people find your music and what are your social handles?

BF: Bigfell Bossclikbakbetas. I currently have sixteen albums floating around the world. You can get them at any store that Nelly is in. I’ll use Nelly as a example. ITunes, Spotify, any other main store you can find Bigfell Bossclikbakbetas. I’m independent major rapper who does everything himself. Facebook: Bigfell Bossclikbakbetas, Instagram: mr_bossclikbakbetas, and Twitter: biggfell.

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