Arlington Renegades Aim to Defend XFL Title with Head Coach Bob Stoops and Standout Rookie QB Connor Degenhardt

By: Omar Saulters
As the XFL 2023 season approaches, all eyes are on the reigning champions, the Arlington Renegades, as they prepare to defend their hard-earned title. Led by the seasoned Head Coach Bob Stoops and bolstered by the addition of the talented rookie quarterback, Connor Degenhardt, the Renegades are setting their sights on another successful campaign.

Head Coach Bob Stoops

Photo via Smiley N. Pool / Dallas Morning News Staff Photographer
The driving force behind the Arlington Renegades’ triumphant 2022 season is the highly acclaimed head coach, Bob Stoops. A seasoned veteran in the coaching world, Stoops brought a wealth of experience and tactical brilliance that proved instrumental in guiding the Renegades to their first-ever XFL championship. His ability to inspire and motivate players, combined with a keen eye for strategy, earned him the respect of both the team and fans alike. Under Stoops’ guidance, the Renegades have developed a winning mentality that has them poised for continued success in the upcoming season.

Rookie Quarterback Connor Degenhardt

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One of the most exciting prospects for the Renegades in the 2023 season is the newly drafted quarterback, Connor Degenhardt. Standing tall at an impressive 6’6” and weighing 225 pounds, Degenhardt brings a formidable physical presence to the quarterback position. Hailing from a successful college career, Degenhardt displayed remarkable skills, including a powerful arm, precision passing, and the ability to read defenses effectively. Renegades fans and coaching staff alike have high hopes for the young QB to seamlessly integrate into the team’s offense and continue to develop his talent under Coach Stoops’ mentorship.

The Perfect Duo

With Coach Stoops’ seasoned leadership and Degenhardt’s promising potential, the Arlington Renegades have a dynamic duo that is destined to make waves in the XFL once again. Stoops’ experience in molding successful teams combined with Degenhardt’s raw talent could prove to be the recipe for another championship run.


As the XFL 2023 season kicks off, the Arlington Renegades are determined to defend their title and establish themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the league. With the seasoned leadership of Head Coach Bob Stoops and the promising talent of rookie quarterback Connor Degenhardt, the Renegades have all the ingredients to achieve greatness once again. Fans can expect an exhilarating season as the team strives to maintain its winning momentum and solidify its position as the reigning XFL champions.
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