Why The Dallas Mavericks Shouldn’t Rush to Trade for Clint Capela

By: Anthony Miller

There have been rumors throughout the offseason that the Dallas Mavericks were interested in Atlanta Hawks center Clint Capela. Despite those talks being reported dead, it might not be done quite yet.

NBA reporter Marc Stein has reported that the Dallas Mavericks are not ready now but are in the towel on trading for Capela. Stein told the radio show on 97.1 “The Freak” that it might not happen right now but could be an in-season trade potential.

“The Mavericks don’t want to be done. Maybe they are done with this roster because further moves are not available to them. They would love if the chance to make another trade run at Clint Capela from the Atlanta Hawks materializes to this point.” – NBA Reporter Marc Stein

Dallas’s focus this offseason was to add some size to the center position as that was a struggle for the team the last few seasons. The team was able to bring back veteran center/forward Dwight Powell and drafted seven feet one-inch-tall Dereck Lively II in the first round of the NBA Draft. Those moves were made to address the lack of rebounding and size the team has been looking for in the paint.

Capela has been a solid starter in the NBA since joining the league in 2014. While he doesn’t have an All-Star appearance to his resume, he led the league in rebounding in 2021 averaging 14.3 rebounds per game. Capela has had six straight seasons where he has averaged a double-double per game.

Does Dallas Need Clint Capela?

Photo via NBA.com

The reality is Capela would be an instant upgrade for the team at the center position. He has proven season after season that he is a force in the paint grabbing rebounds and playing tough defense. Dallas has missed that from the position and needs help to ensure that someone fills in that gap.

One problem is Dallas would have to give up players and picks to go get him which lies the problem in the first place. A deal couldn’t get done because the Mavericks didn’t want to surrender too much in the process of getting Capela. They have key assets in starters as well as role players who can help the team immediately make a run in the playoffs. Losing guys to a trade with Atlanta might set the team back a bit.

Dallas is smart for holding off for the time being to see what they have with Lively and see if Powell can make a jump at the position. Lively showed some good traits during summer league but lacked the offensive production they would need from him which was a weak point for him in college. Lively’s size as well makes it worth trying to make it work with him especially since he is taller than Powell and Capela.

In essence, Capela is nice to have, and would be fun to watch him in the starting lineup with Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving, but at what cost? If Dallas can get Capela cheaper than Atlanta originally wanted, it might be worth the risk. The Mavericks should lean more on their younger guys to see if they take over the position and lead them onto the right path. Dallas has pieces in place so they should be patient and wait until the trade deadline to explore a Capela trade if things go south.

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