NFL Hopefuls: The Journey of XFL Standouts to NFL Tryouts and Beyond

By: Omar Saulters

The NFL serves as the ultimate dream for many aspiring football players, and each year, countless athletes train tirelessly, hoping for an opportunity to showcase their skills and earn a spot on an NFL roster.

Since the end of May, several remarkable Arlington Renegades athletes have received NFL tryouts or workouts, including a standout player who successfully signed a contract with a prominent team. Let’s delve into the journeys of these determined men vying for a coveted place in professional football.

Antonio Ortiz – Long Snapper (LS)

On May 26th, it was announced that Antonio Ortiz had an opportunity to prove his abilities during a camp with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Long snappers play a crucial role in special teams, and the Steelers’ interest in him reflects his talent and potential to secure a spot on the roster.

Nate Becker – Tight End (TE)

Nate Becker received his chance to shine during a camp with the New Orleans Saints, as reported on June 2nd. As a tight end, his versatility and athleticism likely caught the attention of the Saints’ coaching staff.

Sal Cannella – Tight End (TE)

Sal Cannella’s journey to the NFL included a camp with the Atlanta Falcons on June 9th, showcasing his skills as a wide receiver. Additionally, his recent tryout with the Minnesota Vikings, announced on July 28th, underscores the persistent pursuit of his dreams.

Jordan Miller – Defensive Back (DB)

The Dallas Cowboys showed interest in Jordan Miller’s defensive prowess when they invited him to their camp, as reported on June 9th. As a defensive back, Miller’s ability to read plays and cover receivers could be valuable assets for any team.

Victor Bolden – Wide Receiver (WR)

Victor Bolden’s skills as a wide receiver landed him a camp opportunity with the New York Jets, which was announced on July 21st. Subsequently, he was given a tryout with the Chicago Bears, signifying the potential recognition of his talent, which was announced on July 28th.

Javonta Payton – Wide Receiver (WR)

Javonta Payton impressed the Philadelphia Eagles, earning a camp invite, as declared on July 21st. As a receiver, his speed, route running, and hands might have caught the eyes of the Eagles’ scouts.

Bruce Hector – Defensive Lineman (DL)

Bruce Hector’s talents on the defensive line earned him a tryout with the New England Patriots, as announced on July 28th. His ability to pressure quarterbacks and disrupt running plays makes him a valuable addition to any team.

Darren Evans – Defensive Back (DB) – A Dream Realized

Among the XFL players who received NFL opportunities, Darren Evans is the only one who has officially signed a contract. Initially, he attended a camp with the Denver Broncos, announced on June 9th, showcasing his defensive back skills. However, his breakthrough came when he inked a contract with the New York Giants on July 19th. This achievement is a testament to Evans’ dedication, skill, and resilience.


The journey from aspiring XFL players to receiving NFL tryouts and workouts is one of dedication, hard work, and perseverance. Each mentioned individual showcased their talents during camps and tryouts with various NFL teams, highlighting the depth of talent within the XFL.

Furthermore, Darren Evans’ contract signing with the New York Giants inspires all aspiring athletes. It demonstrates that with determination and skill, dreams can become a reality. As these men continue to strive for success in the NFL, their stories remind us of the determination required to pursue one’s passion and the boundless possibilities that await those who never give up on their dreams.

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