Arlington Renegades Duo Makes Their Mark: Tomasi Laulile and Garrett McGhin Secure NFL Contracts

By: Omar Saulters

The XFL serves as a springboard for athletes to catapult themselves back into the NFL spotlight, with the Arlington Renegades witnessing two more of their own sign NFL contracts. Tomasi Laulile, a dynamic defensive lineman, has inked a deal with the San Francisco 49ers, while offensive lineman Garrett McGhin has joined the ranks of the Buffalo Bills.

The news of McGhin’s signing on August 21 brought the tally of XFL players securing NFL contracts to an impressive 59 since the offseason commenced on May 15. It’s a testament to the XFL’s role as a valuable talent pool and proving ground for players to demonstrate their skills before earning their way back into the NFL ranks.

Should these players decide to return to the XFL in the future, they will seamlessly reintegrate with their former teams, bringing a wealth of experience and newfound knowledge from their NFL endeavors.

Laulile, donning jersey number 48, stood out as a stalwart defensive force during the Renegades’ triumphant journey to the 2023 XFL Championship. Pro Football Focus attests that his prowess in defending against the run positioned him as the XFL’s second-ranked interior defensive lineman. One remarkable highlight in Laulile’s journey was his interception return for a touchdown during the team’s season opener against Vegas on February 18. In an impressive feat, he stood as one of just two XFL defensive linemen to achieve this feat in 2023. Laulile’s familiarity with the NFL landscape was augmented by his previous experiences in training camps with the San Francisco, Indianapolis, and New Orleans teams.

On the offensive front, McGhin’s presence was felt in his 12 games, and he starts at correct tackle. He was one of the two offensive linemen to take the field in every game for the Renegades throughout the season. Hailing from Tallahassee, Florida, and a product of East Carolina University, McGhin previously showcased his skills in the NFL during the 2019 season, playing two games for the Carolina Panthers. His tenacity and adaptability were further demonstrated as he donned jerseys for Buffalo, Jacksonville, and the New York Giants.

Laulile and McGhin’s signings marked a significant achievement for these athletes and the Arlington Renegades. These two individuals, alongside their teammates, continue to exemplify the spirit of resilience, determination, and skill that the XFL nurtures. Their journeys showcase the XFL’s role in offering a second chance for players to thrive in the highest echelons of American football. With their NFL contracts secured, the trajectory of their careers has been reinvigorated, and they stand as testaments to the opportunities that await those who prove themselves within the XFL arena.

Featured Image via Joshua Gateley/XFL

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