Arlington Renegades Launch Community Ticket Program in Partnership with NBA Veteran Thaddeus Young

By: Omar Saulters

The Arlington Renegades are making a significant stride in community engagement by introducing their Community Ticket Program, set to impact during the 2024 XFL season and beyond positively.

In a move that underscores their commitment to the local community, the Renegades have partnered with NBA veteran and founder of Reform Ventures, Thaddeus Young, as the inaugural member of this benevolent initiative.

The Community Ticket Program empowers local businesses by enabling them to give back to their communities and support non-profit organizations focusing on youth, education, and life-enriching resources within their immediate areas. Participating companies will purchase game tickets and unique fan experiences, and these tickets will be thoughtfully managed and donated to local organizations by the Renegades on behalf of their partners.

This commendable initiative is structured as a tiered pricing program with three distinct levels, each offering varying quantities of tickets and benefits. For those interested in learning more or joining this community-driven effort, detailed information can be found at

Thaddeus Young, a 35-year-old NBA veteran and the founder of Reform Ventures, a private investment fund, expressed his enthusiasm for this partnership.

Businesses keen on becoming a part of this meaningful program and community organizations interested in benefiting from it can contact the Renegades via email at or by phone at 469-966-6468. Furthermore, organizations collaborating with the Renegades are encouraged to consult their tax and accounting advisors to explore potential tax benefits associated with ticket donations.

With the backing of Thaddeus Young’s Reform Ventures, the Arlington Renegades are poised to make a lasting impact on their community through the Community Ticket Program, making it more than just a sports initiative but a vehicle for positive change.

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