The Heat Dominates The Thunder

I will not elaborate so much on Miami Heat win in game 4, although Miami Heat is one game away of claiming the NBA Championship!  Oklahoma Thunder played a magnificent 1st qtr of game 4, defense was there, and the offense was there from everybody. OKC came out strong and played as hard as they could. This was their game to win, they needed this to be a 2-2 series, but now they are down 3 games to 1. I watched this game with my heartbeat racing as if it was me on that court last night.  I felt the pace of the game and I felt every bump from each foul, I felt the frustration and the urgency to win. Unfortunately, despite Russell Westbrook’s 43 points, Harden’s 10 rebounds and Durant’s 28 points, it wasn’t in the cards for them to win.  Lebron James and his “whole” team came through last night! Chalmers may have played the best game of his career with 25 points.  Last night proved that no matter how good OKC is, Durant and Westbrook cannot and will not win the championship alone. D. Fisher needs to produce a few hot 3’s he is famous for and K. Perkins will need to sit his attitude on the bench and dominate the paint, it is evident that OKC needs him. OKC may squeeze out one more win, but this series is in favor of the Miami Heat, but I will be cheering OKC, all the way.


The Fight Begins, OKC vs MIA

Although some NBA commentators and Sports Illustrated writers have predicted that the Oklahoma City Thunder will win the 2012 NBA finals… the world thinks different!  The majority is rolling with the Big 3 Miami Heat.  I am standing solid with OKC, since the CHI Bulls were thrown out long time ago. OKC plays as a team and there is more cohesiveness there than what Miami has.  If Miami is expecting to win this series, they are going to need for Dwyane Wade to step up and really be the leader of this team.  The Heat need to take control of the ball and play together as a team. Although Lebron James will put up the points needed, everyone will need to bring their A game every night. Regardless of what happens, I predict that Miami Heat’s head coach, Erik Spoelstra will be dismissed.

Lets get ready to ruuuummble!!!!

Game 1 – Miami 94 Oklahoma City 105 – Thunder lead series 1-0

Game 2 – Miami 100 Oklahoma City 96 – Series tied 1-1

Game 3 – Oklahoma City 85 vs. Miami 91 – Heat lead series 2-1

Game 4 – Oklahoma City vs. Miami – Tuesday, June 19, 9:00 PM ET, ABC

*Game 5 – Oklahoma City vs. Miami – Thursday, June 21, 9:00 PM ET, ABC

*Game 6 – Miami vs. Oklahoma City – Sunday, June 24, 8:00 PM ET, ABC

*Game 7 – Miami vs. Oklahoma City – Tuesday, June 26, 9:00 PM ET, ABC

*if necessary

All games on ABC and ESPNRadio.