N The Zone SEASON 3 – Kelsey Nicole Nelson 05-07-18

Kelsey Nicole Nelson (@therealknelson), award-winning sports radio and television personality, one of the hardest working and bright reporters today, joins Palmer Alexander talking about her interview with LaVar Ball and how that came too. Also, her time working on the sidelines for various teams in the Mid-Atlantic, along with the Big East Network and Georgetown Hoyas women’s basketball team. Plus she talks about her work in the community and that has impacted her career while it’s still on the rise.

You can catch her weekly show, “Listen In with KNN” on Fox Sports 96.9 FM & 1340 AM every Tuesday and Thursday.

N The Zone SEASON 3 – Kelsey Nicole Nelson w/ Palmer Alexander

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We are giving appreciation to some of the ladies in sports.

N The Zone SEASON 3 – La-Vaughnda Taylor, Edniesha Curry 05-02-18

Brand new episode of N The Zone is in effect…

w/ special guests La-Vaughnda Taylor, owner of Taylor’d Sports and VP of Branded Strategy at Brandwagon Tix AND University of Maine men’s assistant coach Edniesha Curry.

N The Zone SEASON 3 – La-Vaughnda Taylor 05-01-18

La-Vaughnda Taylor, owner of Taylor’d Sports and VP of Branded Strategy at Bandwagon joins Palmer to talk about the nature of African-American youth and baseball, and also why she has such a huge passion and wants to bring it back to that community.

N The Zone SEASON 3 – Edniesha Curry 05-01-18

Edniesha Curry, the newest men’s assistant coach at the University of Maine joins Palmer talking about working with the men after a season of working with the women of the same university. Plus, who she looks up to while coaching the game of basketball and her thoughts on the WNBA future, being a former WNBA player.

An Open Letter To Dr. Fred P. Pestello



Our contributor Robyn Browning sends the following…

Hi everyone. I am sending this letter to the President of SLU, Dr. Fred P. Pestello. Please share. Copy and paste this letter & send it to him as well. Change some of the words to fit you. Our voices count! I especially urge SLU alumni to do so as well. His email address is president@slu.edu


Fred P. Pestello, Ph.D.


Saint Louis University

1 North Grand Boulevard

St. Louis, MO 63103


Dear Dr. Pestello:

I am sending you this letter to make you aware of your university’s inaction against the players on the men’s baseball team for racist comments against President Barack Obama.

As an African-American, I am offended by the remarks. I am especially surprised by the inability to discipline those players. If you need precedent for the private conversations leading to termination, I ask you to look at Donald Sterling being relieved of his duties as owner of the Los Angeles Clippers for making racist comments. You can suspend or remove those players from the team. The National Basketball Association is better without Mr. Sterling leading a franchise and the baseball team will be better without them.

Part of your mission statement says that you foster programs to alleviate ignorance and you welcome students, staff, and faculty of all racial backgrounds to create a sense of community. Clearly, the pitchers’ ignorance has not been alleviated and community cannot be created when students are making racist remarks. As Archbishop Desmond Tutu said, “If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse and you say you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality.”

The current action of an apology is not sufficient. I urge you to take more action against the pitchers on the men’s baseball team and remove them from the team. I can only hope that you will take my request seriously to take action and discipline the pitchers. They not only disrespected the President of the United States, but all African-Americans at the university, in St. Louis, in Missouri, in the United States, and across the world. I will send this letter to the commissioner of the Atlantic 10 Conference. Please contact me at rbrowning20@gmail.com to discuss this issue further and keep me abreast of details regarding this situation.



Robyn Browning


Cc: Bernadette V. McGlade, Commissioner-Atlantic 10 Conference



The A-Train Rant 21.0!!


Happy New Year one and all, it’s time for the 1st rant of 2015…

  1. Stuart Scott is Mr. SportsCenter, I can care less what you think. Not being biased either.
  2. Pau Gasol is a blessing to Chicago. Thank you Jim Buss.
  3. Jimmy Butler is not only an All-Star, he’s playing like an MVP.
  4. Stephen Curry is amazing…maybe he should be the MVP.
  5. I dislike Steve Kerr still; that Warriors team will forever be Mark Jackson’s.
  6. The Atlanta Hawks will not go to the Eastern Conference Finals this season. I don’t give a damn how good they’re doing right now.
  7. Stan Kroenke gave the NFL the finger and was straight gangster with it.
  8. The Cleveland Cavaliers added two cancers to the team after trading one of them (Dion Waiters traded, received J.R. Smith and Iman Shumpert)
  9. There’s no need for a committee for the College Football Playoff, just call it the BCS College Football Playoff and let the computers decide.
  10. Oregon will win the national championship; screw you Buckeye fans.
  11. I’m cheering for the Cowboys this weekend…just like you…I can’t believe it either.
  12. I’m not watching hockey until March/April…that’s when the real fun begins just like the NBA.
  13. I feel sorry for Marvin Lewis and Jim Caldwell…only of these men will get the short end of the stick.
  14. So when does baseball season start?
  15. Dirk Nowitzki is better than Larry Bird. (Became 7th all-time leading scorer in NBA history)
  16. “BOOYAH!”
  17. “Cool as the other side of the pillow.”
  18. “I ain’t gone say nothing, but that ain’t right.”
  19. Rich Eisen is awesome. Never forget your colleague and friend. Classy move.
  20. Shoutout to every sports team that honored Stuart Scott.


The A-Train

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The Best Is Yet To Come (No Jokers Wild Card)


Think about this… Baseball’s extra Wild Card element added for the first time this year gives more sports drama because of last year’s almost incidentally awesome last day. That last day of diligence, drama, and dreams was created in the unlikely but unforgettable last day of last year’s regular season that was happening in four different games.

Because of this extra wildcard now in 2012, teams like the Cincinnati Reds have a chance to shatter the Cards’ playoff dreams instead of just sitting pretty atop the Central Division waiting for a 1st round playoff opponent.

The Reds can be both division winners and Wild Card spoilers! This duality is the new reality of the 2012 postseason race.

The great schedule makers have Cincinnati meeting its division nemesis, the Cardinals, for a three-game regular-season finale of a series that begins Monday. Oh yes, plenty is at stake. Before the playoffs, the National League Central champion Reds can also bounce St. Louis from this new 2012 second Wild Card spot. The Cardinals entered the day with a two-game advantage over the surging L.A. Dodgers.

For the first time ever, the three headed monster of quality teams in the American League West can all battle it out for playoff positioning down the last few games of the season and two of the three will likely get in. Even next year all three teams could have a postseason game. This 2012 change increases the rewards of a division championship and allows two additional cities in the great U.S.A. or Canada to experience playoff baseball each year, all while maintaining the most exclusive postseason in professional sports.

The National and American League Championship Series and World Series formats will remain the same, keeping baseball purists happy still.

Let’s get back to the National League playoff picture. Although the scenario is different this year for the Cardinals to get into the playoffs the revenge factor is intriguing from the standpoint of the Atlanta Braves. Of course The Braves want to get back at the Cards for last year’s epic failure when they held a double digit lead in the standings over the Cards and losing that lead ultimately on the final day of the season. Yes, the Braves ultimately controlled their own destiny but couldn’t hold off the surging LaRussa Lead legacy of champions.

As a St. Louis sports fan, I’ve been blessed to almost always find myself switching back and forth between meaningful and or playoff cardinal baseball and Blues opening season hockey on the same nights for a few weeks in October. Well this year with no NHL hockey and me not playing hockey due to my schedule I hope to see some games on the hockey schedule! But for baseball even the casual or impatient sports fans who often mock the game of baseball can’t help but respect what our national past time has done to help the fan experience exceed expectations.

On the hockey front; I think I’ll wait till’ some of my teammates are ready to get into the swing of the real winter season before I lace up my skates to play some real games. Oh and let’s not forget about the new college friend who will be needing an early season warm welcome back to STL with a pickup game or two in December.

Predictions– These baseball teams will make the playoffs: Senior circuit: Braves, Cards, Nationals, Giants, Reds – Junior circuit: Rangers, A’s, Yankees, Orioles, Tigers

World Series Prediction: Cardinals versus A’s

Prediction for my sports life: Time will be found to play hockey in our league with my teammates and time to play pickup hockey with old and new friends in between the grueling but grateful schedule of producing programing!

-Bryan Kreutz

Houston, We Have A Problem!


The Astros have been the biggest sellers of trading off older and contract challenged players in 2012. The Astros have good depth of young upcoming player prospects in multiple positions from their farm system minor leagues.

Yes, their coming off the franchise worst record last season, a dismal 56-106 record in 2011, but consider this for you baseball purists. The Astros are 1 of 6 teams that have won the National league Central 4 times as champs, 2nd best behind the 8-time champ St.Louis Cardinals. Yes, the good ol’ days of the Killer B’s of Biggio, Bagwell, Berkman, and Bell are gone. Furthermore, the even older good years of playing on my buddy Mike’s Nintendo – RBI Baseball video game with infamous players like Mike Scott, Nolan Ryan, Glenn Davis, and Kevin Bass are decades done. These “almost Astros” of near dynasties are down the drain if the name Astros is permanently removed in 2013.

Yes, you heard right.

The Astros are considering changing not only the uniforms no biggie right, but changing the team name. Why?? Isn’t it enough that the more than 2 decades and counting rivalry is over in the NL Central when Bud Selig (an awesome Commish BTW he really is good I’ve had him reply to my written letter before BTW) would insist the new owner move the team to the American League as a condition of the sale. However why would the NL Central and same overcrowded division team like the Milwaukee Brewers not just move back to the American League?

Well Selig isn’t really elaborating into why, but we do know Selig’s’ family owns the Brewers and his main reason for moving the Astros to the American league is because the AL West Division is short one team and needs to even out the divisions league wide. The Astros announcers, Jim Deshaies and Bill Brown are very witty, have great voices, humorous stories, and a compelling draw about them during the TV broadcasts nightly. As a Cardinal Fan from St.Louis’ I will miss watching pertinent NL games with them airing on MLB Extra innings.

One of Baseball’s most compelling traits is the purity of its past which ties into familiarity of those team uniforms we’ve grown up to expect every season. If the Astros are no more much the same way as the Expos exit from Canada’s second team, will we twinge or have fond memories when we hear the defunct team name again as an announcer mentions the team? Probably, but where is the continuity when Houston will be one of the first professional sports franchise to have the exact same team in place but name it something different three times over the course of 50 years. Do the math, John Grotts (John is my buddy from StL who moved to Houston) always was a whiz kid, but anyways the math says the Astros are on pace to re-name the same team a new name about every 16 season’s if they do indeed give the Houston team a new one in 2013. (Houston Colt 45’s, Houston Astros, 2013 new-name?). Astros new owner Jim Crane said in January the team will conduct a study to decide whether or not to switch the name. “We’re going to study the information both from the fans and from all sorts of marketing people,” Crane said. “I’m not saying we’re going to change. We haven’t made the decision yet whether we’re going to change.”

When the Houston Oilers left the Astrodome for Tennessee there was good reason to rename the team since Tennessee is not known for oil. (Hence the name Tennessee Titans). What good reason does this team have to rename and move to the American league? And don’t tell me it’s because Space town Houston has a fan base that has lost interest in Astro-nauts because NASA has next to nothing left in funding for the Space program due to no more American dollars to fund it.

Houston we have a HUGE problem!

-Written by Bryan Kreutz