Craig Sager’s Final TV Interview

Craig Sager
Craig Sager

5 days ago, the sports world lost Craig Sager. Sager was a fixture on Turner Sports with his colorful commentary AND wardrobe. He was a huge part of my childhood watching him on the “NBA on TNT.” When he first returned earlier in 2016, it was awesome to see. He was back in top form despite being sickly. Seeing San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich welcome him so greatly, it brought a sign of hope that maybe he could beat this thing. Then I remember watching him on the 2016 ESPYs with his powerful speech (via SC Live), it was moving, I was hating to see that he was near the very end. The term #SagerStrong was the rally cry to get him back on the sidelines and beat his cancer. The Man Upstairs saw otherwise and told Craig to come on home. This interview that you will see below, is the last interview he ever did before he passed on. Take a look.


The A-Train Rant 18.0!!!



Time for another edition of The A-Train Rant…

  1. I want to first say thank you to the people at Fox and MLB for completely dropping the ball during the All-Star Game. No mention of Tony Gwynn at all. I understand everything was meant for Derek Jeter but hell, give credit to one of the greatest hitters our generation has ever seen. Damn sure didn’t help when Ken Rosenthal tried to explain the situation later.
  2. I wonder why Erin Andrews got the NFL on Fox gig over the now departed Pam Oliver. Was it hair? Race? (No, not the race card) I see why the people at WEEI went completely in on her. It wasn’t right to say but hey, I didn’t make the comments.
  3. The MLB All-Star Game is ALL Bud Selig’s fault…he made an exhibition too serious. (Was slated in my rant about the All-Star game)
  4. The Los Angeles Lakers are not going anywhere next season. Great job adding Carlos Boozer (laughs)
  5. July 17th was the worst day this year for sports…they weren’t any. If you want to count golf, cricket and the WNBA, go right ahead.
  6. The Miami Heat have a better chance to win the East over the Miami Cavaliers (aka Cleveland).
  7. Adam Wainwright should learn to keep his mouth shut.
  8. Kevin Love is not going anywhere.
  9. Derek Jeter is hated so much…Deadspin went this far.
  10. Kevin Durant is going to Washington in 2 seasons.
  11. Stuart Scott is the greatest. Just watch his ESPYs speech.
  12. Shoutout to Dr. J, straight chin-checking Stephen A. Smith on First Take.
  13. When does football season start?

More to come.

The A-Train