The Three Days Of Awesome

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Happy New Year to you all. If you hadn’t caught the last three days in sports…WHERE IN THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN HIDING?

It’s the “Three Days of Awesome” rant:

  1. No more BCS. Thank God.
  2. The final BCS national championship game had the best ending since Texas-USC in 2005. I hated USC ever since. So glad they aren’t winning like they used to.
  3. Auburn losing is retribution for Mizzou. Great effort but they failed like Kansas City. Speaking of KC…
  4. Great job hiring Andy Reid, Kansas City. He’ll never win a Super Bowl with KC. Don’t believe me, look at his resume with Philly.
  5. Andrew Luck has got crazy confidence. I actually thought he couldn’t make the comeback. Thanks for my near heart attack.
  6. New Orleans finally got over the hump and got a playoff road win. Damn shame because the Rams beat the Saints and the Colts.
  7. Shame for Marvin Lewis…best coach in Cincinnati history and still can’t find his first playoff win.  If he gets fired, I won’t be surprised.
  8. The Cotton Bowl had Big 12 written all over it.
  9. Ric Flair must have really whipped the Niners into shape or Jarrett Bush really sucks as a football player. I dislike the Niners but after that, I see why the Packers defense was so bad.
  10. Mizzou’s 2013 team reminds me of the 2007 team…only difference was that this Mizzou team had a better defense.
  11. Clemson and Ohio State equally had enough offense and enough drama for every fan.
  12. A.J. McCarron’s mom needs to shut up. Get over it, your boy’s team got beat and yet you had to watch the national championship because of Katherine Webb’s alma mater.
  13. Somehow it was easy to figure that people would not take too well that a black man would be the head coach at University of Texas-Austin. That’s why boosters and others that donate should NOT have any power. Texas will mess around and do Charlie Strong like how Notre Dame did with Tyrone Willingham, Mississippi State with Sylvester Crooms, and even Kansas with Turner Gill. Racism is still in sports, folks. This needed to be said.

Other than that, the last 3 days were still awesome. More to come soon and Happy New Year.

The A-Train



Time for the 14th edition of The A-Train Rant…hope your sports weekend was good, here at A-Train’s home…umm hell no.

That’s why I’m hear to rant about it…enjoy.

PRE-RANT: I always look forward to what Kevin Slaten has to say about Missouri sports…ALWAYS. Some things I like, others I don’t. He can be sane, he can be crazy. He’s entertaining. He makes sure you have something to say (if you listen to him). Check out “Slaten Unleashed” on every weekday from 3pm-6pm. Sometimes it’s good to be antagonizing, other times not. Still a sight to see each weekday afternoon.

  1. I’m cheering for Florida State in the national championship. Auburn did what they had to do in the SEC title game but I’m going against them.
  2. Welcome back, Kobe Bryant. Am I being nice to Jellybean? In this case, yes. Just hope it doesn’t bite him in his ass making this triumphant return and winds up going back on the shelf.
  3. Speaking of injuries, I would be happy that Rob Gronkowski got hurt…but I can’t. The reason is because you’re seeing a long trend of top players get hurt. I understand football players take pain and so do other athletes, but when is it smart to comeback and play again?
  4. I had no idea that baseball managers could get in the Hall of Fame so easily…Tony LaRussa, Joe Torre, and Bobby Cox are in.
  5. I guess I’m supposed to be thrilled for the Lambs (yeah I called them that) right now. Thanks to a friend, I understand Jeff Fisher. He has no control of his damn team. Several games this season, this bum ass team decides they want to fight their opposition. FOR WHAT? Is that supposed to fire up the team? In at least 4 of the games I saw they got in fights and grabbed a plethora of penalties. No control whatsoever. NONE. I understand this team has no QB, yeah no quarterback and I guess those draft picks are looking nicer every day. Thanks Washington.
  6. Mizzou football will be in great shape, the day they get a different coach. Pinkel can’t win big games. He sucks bad. Last 2 conference championship games he’s been in, he gets smoked. Then has no idea how that ever happened. However, Mizzou had an unforgettable season, can’t take away what they did.
  7. Speaking of Mizzou, shoutout to CBS Sports for having a Mizzou Saturday…great win for the Men’s program beating 18th-ranked UCLA.
  8. Cano and Ellsbury got paid. I still hate Cano.
  9. Good bye, Roy Halladay. Halladay announced his retirement after 16 seasons. I will never forget his 2010 season, Halladay threw a perfect game and then a no-hitter in the postseason. Shame he didn’t get a ring while in Philly. He had no chance in Toronto. NONE.
  10. The death of Total Nonstop Action Wrestling is near, they lost their biggest acquisition in AJ Styles.
  11. Please Daniel Snyder, do us all a favor and put Mike Shanahan out of his misery.
  12. Rudy Gay going to the Sacramento Kings does nothing for them. You got a bighead jackass in DeMarcus Cousins. Unless both can work together as a tandem, I don’t think it will work out in Sac-town.
  13. The Super Bowl being in New York City is hilarious…you asked for this one. “Cold weather is where the game is supposed to be.” Because of this, now you have restrictions. No tailgate parties at Meadowlands Stadium. Enjoy.
  14. Keith Olbermann (whom I have caused a response with on Twitter) had this to say about cheating. I hear a lot about it. Shoutout to Solomon Alexander for this but it’s great. Enjoy.

That’s all I can think of for now.

More to come.

The A-Train

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