Peter Vecsey Goes “N The Zone”

In this 2-part interview, Peter Vecsey, long-time sports columnist of the NY Post joins “N The Zone” and shows off his rap skills.

In Part 1, he talks about his career and how he got the analyst job on the “NBA on NBC.” Plus gives a colorful story on his relationship with Pat Riley while on NBC and when he coached the Lakers, Knicks and Heat.

In Part 2, with Peter Vecsey as he talks about his unfiltered thoughts about Phil Jackson and the New York Knicks. Also, a impromptu with Michael Jordan on Jackson’s and Tex Winter’s triangle offense. Along with his thoughts on the if Cavs-Warriors for a third time, is good for the NBA.

NOTE: The following segments contain language that some may find objectionable. Parental discretion is advised.

N The Zone – Peter Vecsey (Part 1) 05-21-17

N The Zone – Peter Vecsey (Part 2) 05-21-17



In the second edition of “The Association,” the primary focus is on the professional level…the NBA.

Here we are in the month of February and the Oklahoma City Thunder is playing like they want to be in the NBA championship once again, even without their floor leader Russell Westbrook. Reggie Jackson is definitely picking up the slack at the 1 position, Serge Ibaka playing magnificent ball at the 4 position and DEFINITELY should have been an All-Star this year (we’ll talk about that later) while Jeremy Lamb, 3-point veteran Derek Fisher and defensive specialist Thabo Sefalosha providing great contributions from the bench. This team has been on a roll have blown out opponents in the month of January…including their 17-point win against the Miami Heat. The person behind those epic wins is their MVP for not only the team, but the league as well…Kevin Durant.

Durant is without a doubt playing the best basketball of his career. It was ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith that said about Durant that he can play “any of the 4 positions.” He can. He really can. He’s a great ball-handler, he can handle the wing positions and he can post up on just about anyone. He definitely a player that is hard to guard…just ask LeBron James. In their matchup on January 29th, LeBron may have won the point battle, 34-33, but it was Durant who had the last laughs. On three different occasions, Durant buried 3-point shots in the face of James. Both guys are definitely valuable to their respective teams, but you almost can’t go against either of them. LeBron is actually having a down year…at least if you are talking about his scoring average (which is at 26 points a game), but the other numbers have remained consistent. But the guy everyone is talking about in circles…is Durant. He clearly has made it known to fans and haters that he’s tired of being second best. So far, he’s the best player. I can hear the LeBron fans immortalizing the great Ric Flair’s line, “To be the best, you got to BEAT the best.” Still, Durant is the best player.

One team you should definitely watch for is the Golden State Warriors. This team is young, energetic, highly-entertaining and VERY exciting. I haven’t seen them look this good since the days of Run TMC (TIM Hardaway, MITCH Richmond, and CHRIS Mullin). If you are looking for a “one season to the playoff” team, this is not the team for you. Mark Jackson’s boys will be in the playoffs for a while. Stephon Curry playing all-star ball as usual. He needs to make sure to let his game do the talking and not his mouth. Klay Thompson is a dead-eye shooter and can give opposing guards fits. Andrew Bogut and David Lee are very solid in the post…but health will be the issue for these two. The addition of Andre Iguodala was genius by Golden State. He doesn’t have to be THE guy for this team, all he has to do is play his role where he’s needed. I can’t forget about young guys Harrison Barnes, Draymond Green and the recent acquisition Jordan Crawford (from Boston), they bring punch off the bench. The Warriors are as young as the recent Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks. It may look a little far-fetched that they would be in the NBA Finals this season but they have the right pieces to make themselves a championship contender.

While the New York Knicks have been the NBA’s biggest primetime drama (yeah they moved out the Lakers), the important piece of the Knicks, Carmelo Anthony has suddenly become an ultimate prize for other suitors. As the rumors continue to fly out about where ‘Melo could be going…whether it’s Los Angeles, Chicago or even staying in NYC…the question is: Is he worth it? It will depend on what squad decides to put him on their roster. If it’s the Lakers…you’re asking for trouble. As much as Laker fans want him there, he’s not the answer to their equation. Maybe a Kevin Love added to the mix could make it a championship contender but I just don’t see it. Yes, the Miami Heat and Boston Celtics pulled off doing Big 3’s to help them win championships, but those teams were very different compared to what other NBA squads are trying to combine and make their own.  If he goes to the Clippers, it’s going to have to be in exchange for star Blake Griffin. Griffin could work well in NYC, he does like to run and the Knicks are a running team. The longshot is Chicago…yeah they don’t have Derrick Rose but they could use a scorer, the bad part is they won’t have a good defender unless head coach Tom Thibodeau can help him a great deal. Who wants an effective scorer but poor defender for their playoff-bound/championship contending team? I would choose Chicago. That’s not because I’m a Bulls fan either.

(I’m going to try to be nice with this one) The beginning of the month saw a 30-year tenure for David Stern come to an end. Stern took the NBA to an international phenomenon, taking the game all over the world, and even returning with some of the Non-American’s best players. Stern made the NBA very marketable…turning people like Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, Kobe Bryant and LeBron James into household names. He even was the brainchild with the WNBA and did his best to bring substance to his league. Adam Silver takes over the commissioner’s position and hopefully will bring a lot more positivity to the league.



The Miami Heat knocked off the Oklahoma City Thunder in 5 games to win their 2nd NBA title, the topic will always go around one man…LeBron James. LeBrick, who I love to call, played much better than he did in last year’s Finals. The primary purpose for this is to shut up his critics. Well…I got news for him. THEY WON’T and I WON’T! As a matter of fact, winning this “tainted” title (don’t thank me, thank the “god of basketball” David Stern), he still loses. LeBron haters will remain “the king” and not him. While Heat and LeBron fans will celebrate the title and proceed to try and shut up every hater. Some friendships will end when this happens. Just saying.

Switching to something every LeBron fan dislikes hearing…

THE DECISION: YES I’M STILL ON THIS!! I will not get over that. So what! You will live just like I will. Sorry. But for this man to be the BEST player in the NBA, he surely came off cocky for that ESPN program. People, understand why I’m upset at LeBron for this. LeBron and his agents (mostly his friends) milked the idea of putting together a one-hour special on ESPN just for 2 seconds of announcing his decision to play for the Miami Heat and run away from the Cleveland Cavaliers because he felt that he wasn’t going to get anywhere with them. FOR WHAT? That sounds like pure cockiness coming from an athlete. Now you know without shadow of a doubt this could have been handled much differently. YOU KNOW THAT! He didn’t need the ESPN cameras, he didn’t need Jim Gray, he didn’t need Mike Wilbon and whatever ESPN analysts to ANALYZE this decision. It wasn’t needed. I lost a lot of respect for this guy. POINT BLANK

He won a title…with an asterisk. The same way, the San Antonio Spurs did back in that shortened 1999 season. Look who they played in the Finals. They played an 8th seeded New York Knicks team with “I’ll Choke Your Coach” Latrell Sprewell, Larry Johnson and Allan Houston. I still wondered how they got there after beating the #1 seed, (the pre-LeBron) Miami Heat. But I respect them now because of them winning back in 2003, playing in an 82-game season.

Now, why did I see with asterisk? Oh, the A-Train is on something? He needs help. He needs to lay off the meds.

No, that’s not the case at all. This could lead to another thing but. LeBron played a 66-game schedule and won a title. Last season, played in an 82-game season and lost in the championship. So, it takes for him to play shortened seasons and win titles? It looks like it. In his 9 seasons, only this season he won a title.

WELL, THAT’S NOT FAIR. Sure it is. In his first 8 seasons, he has played in 82-game seasons and has come up short. Even last year, when he practically had the same team. LeBRON WAS DIFFERENT LAST SEASON. He wasn’t any different this season, just put up more statistics. There was nothing impressive about LeBron. He didn’t take over the last 2 minutes of a game like he’s supposed to do. HE DOESN’T HAVE TO DO THAT WITH THIS TEAM. But this is LeBron’s team now, right? Dwyane Wade has given it up.  Critical moments during these 2012 playoffs, he hasn’t shown up. Sorry.

However he did get some help from the black and white. Something about referees and their ways of calling games just boggles my mind. From Tim Donaghy’s nutty scandal some years ago to the old refs like Danny Crawford, Dick Bavetta, and Joey Crawford. The game that once was a game has now been tarnished. Once again, I thank the “god of basketball” David Stern.

Once last thing…stop with the comparisons of Michael with LeBron. They don’t match. MJ still is the GOAT. MJ won 6 titles and didn’t lose a single one of them. LeBron has been in 3 Finals and won 1. Tough luck for the kid. You not Jordan, never will be. Greater than he, forget it. HAPPY FAKE TITLE TO YOU, LEBRON! IT’S WELL DESERVED!


The LeBron Files

The LeBron Files

So instead of my usual NBA 2K12 fix that I usually do after watching a playoff game, I said I’ll just get on my computer and start typing. So, I witnessed a beatdown last night. Am I surprised? Yes I am. I’ll admit it because I really didn’t think the Boston Celtics would clearly NOT show up on their own home floor. I mean DAMN! That’s the reaction that came out. It was over from start to finish. The Heat showed up…well at least the topic of this post did last night with 45 points and sent this series to the most ever popular words known to a man that’s into sports…GAME 7. Yeah it’s coming up Saturday night and that ticks me off because now I’m torn between two events to watch.

But back to the topic at hand.

If you can see the picture above, you can see that this is clearly a picture of Michael and Scottie…and the statements that were made about LeBron. Yeah it’s hilarious because of the silly things that Scottie said. If you remember, Scottie said that LeBron was better than Michael. Take it for what you will but…THAT DUDE WAS NUTS! But anyways…the purpose of this post is to dig in to: THE LEBRON FILES!!!

So I went to do some digging on LeBron and YES, I DISLIKE LEBRICK!! You want to know why? I’ll tell you. Many people have disagreed with this and that’s fine. Go back to the Summer of 2010 with this whole free agency frenzy and LeBron choosing that he was going to the Heat. That’s good. The not so good of making that choice was the whole TV deal from ESPN to do this decision. I said, “WHO IN THE HELL DO HE THINK HE IS?” This decision he was making on national TV would be for charity (I think it was downplayed to cover up himself), what I wanted to get across was…why? That wasn’t needed. Just say I’m going to the Heat and that would be that. I HAVE NOTHING AGAINST CHARITY! REMEMBER THAT PLEASE! But the NBA and ESPN decided to milk in the ratings and cash to get this 1-hour spectacle that was just 1 minute. You lose my respect for that kind of stupidity.  Sorry.

Moving on.

Consider the fact that this is only the 3rd Game 7 he’s ever played in and both times…he lost. Yes, I understand it was with Cleveland but the fact of the matter is…HE’S STILL BEEN THERE. This is his 1st as a member of the Heat and I really think history will repeat himself and he’ll go to 0-3. Even if the Heat get past the Celtic green. They won’t get past the Thunder even though it will really have the clear emphasis of “Must See TV.” With that said, LeBron having an outcome like he did on Thursday showcased that (in my opinion) he won’t have another “beast mode” game like that…at least not at the conclusion of this series. It’s funny because in that game he missed 4 free throws which is something you would think an athlete like him would work on. So the game plan for Boston should be to put him on the line at critical points during the game, mostly the 4th quarter, where he has disappeared numerous times in his playoff career, mostly during his time in Cleveland. I will never forget last year’s NBA Finals. He actually had to have Dwyane Wade literally go off on him and tell him that he needed to step up. THAT’S NOT A SUPERSTAR! That means you are a wingman. Why am I dwelling on the past because…you saw it, right? Time and time again, this guy has no clutch abilities. Even in his beast mode of a game, that was called domination not clutch as Mike Breen of ESPN referred it to. By the way, Mike Breen is a joke as well. It’s sad that I have to hear his voice for the Finals. Give me Kevin Harlan or Marv Albert than that clown. His commentary is worse than his play-by-play. That’s beside the point but the “King” (he really needs to check himself with that name) is a fraud. Here is the “world’s greatest athlete” and he has no clutch abilities to his name. Being passive in a game doesn’t really get you anywhere. To gain some respect you got to do some aggressive things. Not on a one-time showcase like Thursday night but consistently. Right now he’s #2 and shouldn’t have been the MVP of the league, that should have went to Durant (GUNSHOTS GONE OFF). I think the Heat would have been fine if James was not on the court. Just fine. Another thing, I have no idea what world Mr. Wade is living in. If it wasn’t for that the 3rd quarter spurt, one would think he was trying to throw the series. Must be that Gabrielle Union…I don’t know.

Oh yes…I don’t give two spits about what ESPN said about LeBron having more Finals appearances than Michael Jordan did at age 27. Understand THIS situation at hand, Michael didn’t jump in the league until he was 21, LeBron at 18. Ok you still want to believe in LeBron? Michael Jordan won a championship on his very first try. LeBron is 0-2 in the Finals, and Michael never lost a Finals. Chew on that. GOOD DAY!