The A-Train Show: N The Zone Network Roundtable 03-30-19

Check out the newest edition of “The A-Train Show,” on this show, the A-Train welcomes a roundtable discussion with the N The Zone Network family… Palmer Alexander III of “N The Zone” and from “Sports With Ashley,” Ashley Wright. They discuss the NBA: LeBron and the Lakers, who wins in the East, can anyone stop the Warriors, and NBA Free Agency. Also discussions of the NCAA tourney, the recent retirements of Rob Gronkowski, Jeremy Maclin and Jordy Nelson, and what happened to Ashley’s New York Giants and the new-look Cleveland Browns. Fun-filled episode sponsored by VK Credit Repair and Preferred Realty Investment Company.

The A-Train Show – N The Zone Network Roundtable 03-30-19

The A-Train Show – Bauce (of The Forever Oakland Initiative) 03-10-19

For the first time on “The A-Train Show,” the A-Train welcomes Bauce (@bauce_man82) of the Forever Oakland Initiative. Here they discuss the happenings in Oakland with their lawsuit against the NFL, how they learned from St. Louis and what it could mean for the city of Oakland if St. Louis wins their lawsuit, in addition to showing love to guys in Los Angeles who are their biggest Twitter fans. An explosive 2-part (segment) conversation that brought out the feelings and humor of the A-Train and Bauce and is definitely one worth listening to.

The A-Train Show – Bauce (of Forever Oakland Initiative) 03-10-19

The A-Train Show – Tony Scott 02-08-19

Here it is folks! The 1st REAL episode of The A-Train Show and it’s a good one. Tony Scott is back in St. Louis and he’s going to do weekends on 95.5 R&B for the LOU and we talk about how he’s able to back on air in St. Louis, plus other projects that he has going on, in addition to talk about his family that he mentions on social media.

The A-Train Show – Tony Scott 02-08-19

The A-Train Show PREVIEW 02-06-19

Check out this sneak preview of “The A-Train Show,” with A-Train’s guests Asim Raza (@asraza) from the St. Louis Civic Pride organization and from N The Zone, Palmer Alexander, III (@thelegendkil).

The A-Train kicks off the PREVIEW show with an introduction of what the show will pertain to, announces the guests and give some his Super Bowl thoughts.

The A-Train Show PREVIEW – Introduction

In this 1st segment, Raza joins the A-Train to give his thoughts on what St. Louis Civic Pride means.

The A-Train Show PREVIEW – Asim Raza Segment 1

In this 2nd segment, Raza continues on what the new Better Together STL would mean for St. Louis city and county.

The A-Train Show PREVIEW – Asim Raza Segment 2

In this final segment, the A-Train, along with Raza and Alexander converse on race, business and more along with how impactful the Board of Aldermen President race truly is.

The A-Train Show PREVIEW – Asim Raza & Palmer Alexander