Can Federer Make The ATP World Tour Finals??

OK so it’s not a grand slam tennis event and it is in London this year but should it be in South Africa. A country that is beautiful, adventurous, and has its racial and status segregation issues from what a friend tells me.  London already has Wimbledon, why not spread the World Tour back around the world! Anyways, let’s break this Roger Federer and David Ferrer final down. As the Beastie Boys’ say “Let the beat umm drop”. A low heartbeat publicity event here in the states by no means should make this worldwide rather upbeat awesome year end tennis event un-talked about.

Federer is coming off a disappointing early exit from the U.S. Open looks to get his indoor game back. Ferrer covers so much ground side to side. But what’s even more impressive is how he does this as such a short athlete. The Spaniard tennis great has taken the country of Spain by storm especially after his fellow countryman Rafael Nadal went down with an injury earlier in the year missing two grand slams. David Ferrer pronounced in English “Day Veeed”  has a chance to lose 14 times in a row, but this should make for a very brilliant match. However, this round-robin event is not a single elimination, and will be a lot of fun to see the players continue on even after a loss and how they handle the adversity on the court.

If Federer defeats Ferrer, he will become the first player to book his place in the last four Barclays ATP World Tour Finals. Federer defeated Tsonga in last year’s ATP World Tour Finals 2011 Final and should have no problem recovering from his multiple finals “babelaas babbelas” or  hangovers from English championships .

Written by Bryan Kreutz

Gold Medal Greatness? Wimbeldon winner? Which is greater?

Great Britain’s Andy Murray avenged his Wimbledon final defeat by Roger Federer in the finest possible way at the all england club this last weekend in the Olympic games of 2012.
Could it have been written better than a movie script or even the 2004 Wimbledon film than this way to have such high expectations of Andy Murray succeed in front of his home country?

Remember it was just 4 weeks ago in the Wimbeldon final Murray fell short of a first title after Roger Federer claimed his record-tying seventh Wimbledon title.
Murray, the 25-year-old Dunblane, Scotland native mastered the second set, winning each of the first five games before Federer finally held. Federer earned a break point in the next game, but the set eventually belonged to Murray.

The 30-year old Federer looked much fresher than the younger Murray who may have had the edge in home court and youth, but Federer is undeniably one of if not the greatest tennis player of all time.

Roger Federer of Switzerland, who was coming off his marathon four-hour, 26-minute semifinal triumph over Juan Martin del Potro on Friday, the longest match in Olympic tennis history.

“The biggest win of my life,” said Murray immediately after winning gold with a shocking 6-2, 6-1, 6-4 win over Federer, the world’s No. 1 player.

He was asked if this gold medal meant more than winning Wimbledon would have.

“I got asked that question a lot before,” he said, in his slow, dry, quiet brogue. “I got asked it a lot this week. I would love to win Wimbledon, for sure. But this felt good. And I wouldn’t change this for anything right now, that’s for sure.” As you can see, Olympic champion Andy Murray captures buoyant mood of his nation.

While Roger Federer wins and loses on the same court only a month apart with practically the same career defining meaning of each match…should he win both. A gold medal is one of the few accomplishments missing from Federer’s overflowing resume.

So set aside the tennis prize money for a moment and the gold medal worth also. What is it about the tradition, its prestige, its history, the honor and greatness to hold that title as grand slam champion of Wimbeldon? Versus…being an Olympic champion, meaning the best tennis player in all the countries of the world as a gold medal winner. Which I ask is a better achievement for Andy Murray, or any player who has these titles held proudly with his or her name at the top?

Written by – Bryan Kreutz